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Our Dippers

  • All products developed by us are limiting the use of additives, not using food coloring, and eliminating  hydrogenated fats and flavor enhancers.

  • Enjoy our Dippers with Dips, soups, salads, cheese boards and more ! 

  • Lavash is an unleavened thin flat bread, very popular in the Mediterranean cuisine and is becoming popular all over the globe. 

  • Available in five flavors "Plain (salted), Mediterranean Herbs (Za'tar), Poppy seeds (Traditiional flavor), Garlic & Parmesan, and Garlic. 

  • Flour based that is processed in a different way than Pita. Pita is leavened and comes out pocket opened; Lavash is unleavened and comes out flat from the oven. 

  • Produced by Jumbo In. Detroit, Michigan USA

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